The Movies Channel Awards 2008

The Movies Channel Awards 2008 is the first competition of films made by the The Movies Channel.


They are in competition four awards: Best Film, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Sound Effects.


The main criteria, which will be used to choose the winner will be:


After receiving the films, we will make an initial selection to choose the films that are nominated for each category. (Can be chosen up to 10 films in each category.) Then the films nominated will be available to the public, which can also leave your vote. When finished the deadline for the public vote, the jury of The Movies Channel Awards 2008, will make a choice. The public's opinion will be taken into account by the jury for the selection of winners.


When the winners are chosen, will be held a special program, live, in The Movies Channel, for showing everyone what were the winners.


Awards: The winners will be held at permanent The Movies Channel. (Ate the choice of winners may emerge more premiums.)


Juries: The Movies Channel Team and Mogulus Team.


How to Participate?

Just send your name and title of the film for email together with the film or the link of the film. Each person, can partecipar with 2 movies. These data should be sent up to the day on June 15, 2008.


We hope your participation.


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